Bachelor Party Planning
Bachelor Party Planning

Who put the bachelor in the bachelor party?

A lot of women think that when a best man plans a bachelor party it if going to be a drunken brawl replete with dancing strippers and women who jump out of a cake. However, bachelor party planning has taken a new turn in the last 10 years or so. The bride-to-be can take a deep breath and relax.

We know that men are not so creative when it comes to planning parties. Give them a big screen TV, a baseball game, chips and dip, a keg of beer and maybe some hot wings and they are in heaven. These days bachelor party planning has taken on a whole new dimension.

When the idea was conceived way back when, it was thought of as the groom’s last night of freedom before being forever linked to the ball and chain. Perhaps it is because couples are getting married later in life, or that they have lived together for several years, that the concept of a bachelor party has taken on a more mature nature. It is now an excuse for the guys to get together and bond on a non-athletic field level.

MRL Events can do all of your bachelor party planning. If the groom is an avid fisherman, for example, we will arrange a two-day finishing trip for him and his buddies. You can sleep in a cabin and fry your catch over an open fire. If the groom likes to play poker or Blackjack, there may be a casino within several hours’ drive where the group can play to their hearts’ content.

It is not unusual for a bachelor party to be held out of town. Another idea for a group is a great golf outing at a pro golf course. The ideas are endless and not all of them have a grand plan of all-night drinking and singing. So ladies, do not worry about your man this summer when you are informed there is going to be a bachelor party. He may bring back fish for the freezer or a golf trophy for the mantel!

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