Greek Fraternity Formal Event Planning
Greek Fraternity Formal Event Planning

Fraternity Formal Event

All of your members, their girlfriends past and present, as well as your neighbor houses know you can throw a really great party. If it is after a football or basketball game, your house is the one with all the activity. All the kids are dressed in their usual uniforms – jeans and running shoes. Now you have been charged with planning a fraternity formal event. Where do you even begin?

Just make one call to MRL Events and we will take care of the rest. If you are expected to do this all on your own you will have to scout locations for the fraternity formal event – who would expect to arrive at your fraternity house in an evening gown?

There are so many details to iron out. If people drive, where will they park? Are you going to send out invitations? Will the brothers give invitations to their dates by hand or will they be delivered? What about the menu and refreshments. This is not a keg affair and a caterer needs to be found or arrangements made with the venue.

What will the hours be? Will the location charge more if you are not out by a certain time? You will definitely have to provide car service in case a brother has had too much to drink and cannot drive. What will the theme be? You have to have a theme! And all the decorations and favors need to follow the theme.

Planning a fraternity formal event is more complicated than you ever imagined. Even a committee can’t get everything done because somewhere along the line someone always forgets their individual responsibilities. The night before the event you will be smacking yourself in the head thinking I forgot that! You will not forget anything if you call MRL Events.

MRL Events will take care of every minute detail. Nothing is left to chance. Whether you want a fraternity formal event in town or a special function in a resort area, we can come through for you.

Call us today. Explain what you need. Tell us your budget. We can get together and discuss all the many options available to you. The call is free!

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