Gain Exposure & Recognition through MRL Events!

MRL Events is the largest college event planning organization in the nation, servicing upwards of 10,000 students a year with customized events throughout the United States. We are involved with and handle the logistics for many special events in the state of Florida, the largest being 'Spring Weekend' event in Panama City Beach. This event has evolved into the nation's largest collegiate music festival, additionally attracting between 5,000 and 10,000 students each year.

The planning and production of our events includes incomparable attention to detail, accomplished by partnering with numerous reputable sponsors. Our knowledge and experience with this growing industry, coupled with the support of our sponsors, drives our track record of success.

Sponsors of varying size are attracted to the opportunity to collaborate with MRL Events in the production of our events. We hope you will consider joining us in creating a unique college experience expected to exceed our previous successes.

Sponsorship packages are designed to showcase our sponsors by providing advertising opportunities such as:

  • Press Releases, PR Events and Word of Mouth
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Name Integration into Event Title & VIP Areas
  • Branded Experiences
  • Main Stage Banner Signage and Base Wraps
  • VIP Deck Signage and Hand Railing
  • Custom Misting Stations
  • Fence Banners and Screens
  • Tent signage
  • Floor and Pool Graphics
  • Custom Printed Event Lanyards
  • Custom Printed T-shirts
  • Sampling Stations
  • Branded Staff Members
  • Street Teams
  • Flyers and All Promotions
  • Social Media Outlets: Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube
  • Websites
  • Bus and Car Wraps
  • Circular Marketing
  • ROI Programs
  • Swag Bags